Monday, December 17, 2007

Singapore MTV Studio Tour

Yes, i am back! Where go? Emm... actually i won a trip to go for the Singapore MTV Studio tour last week. We depart on thursday and come back on friday, very short trip anyway. I am not as excited as others i guess, coz i don't really watch MTV channel, not said very attractive place for me. But, since it's a 2D1N tour with hotel accommodation and meal, why not!

Singapore is really a happening place to celebrate christmas, the decoration still really nice. It's really attractive in night.

The singapore flyer (did i remember it correctly?)

Since the main objective for this tour is to visit MTV Studio, I have to talk more for that experiece la right? We have 14 winners for this tour, and it's all young and friendly people. MTV studio is located at The Atrium @ Orchard, quite near to our hotel "Grand Central Hotel" and is on Orchard road anyway.

When we arrived, that is a short briefing and after that we got chance to visit to the studio, production room, audio room, editing room and their office. Alrights, i will said it really worth to go after all these visiting. And most interesting part was when we have chance to do recording for the Pop In Show with VJ Utt. Meeting him in personal is really the most memorable moment for this tour. He is nice and cute guy, and very friendly also.

Welcome, the briefing...

VJ Denise, recoring now...

Very concentrate ler, professional!

The production room, can follow how the recording goes on...

The recording of Pop In Show is here!

VJ Utt, he is so cute and funny, and friendly also...

Some winner have chance to join the recording!

Autograph time, ya, not forget to take photo also.

The funny Utt, give me a surprise when i tried to take photo of him in autograph session.

This MTV studio tour is really awesome after all! The organizer Hong Leong Bank MTV Card, i really need to thanks for doing this, give me such a great experience. Not forget about the food as well, the dinner was great too!

For MTV VJ Utt, a really cute and nice guy, even i don't really know him before the tour, make the tour so memorable for me. You know, girl always can't resist handsome guy anyway. Happy happy lo...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Best Friend Wedding

Last weekend is my dear's wedding day. On saturday morning we arrived at the apartment suite she rent to prepare for the morning ceremony. It was simple but joyful morning, we back to their house about 2pm. Here we are, let's share some lovely photo.

Jen's Wedding dress

"Jie Mui", photo by her photographer...

Arrived at Looi's house

The happy couple...

Back to their own new house, serving drink now...

The wedding dinner was on Sunday, so they can have more time to rest. That is so glad most our college friends have attend and we have a happy dinner together.

The dinner was great, we enjoy it.

"Jie Mui"'s flower.

Wish my dear friend, Jennifer,

Happy Wedding!!
May you both have a joyful and happiest life together.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Mid-Autumn Celebration

This year mid-autumn actually quite quiet, nothing special, we are just having our family dinner. But actually not bad also, as it's on tuesday, working day can have whole family gather together for dinner since my brother work and stay at Klang. It's glad that everyone is here.

The moon on the exact day, big and round!

But weekend did go to my best friend's new house to celebrate. Previous years she always come to our place to celebrate, nowaday she have own family and own house, so our turn to go her place lar...

We celebrate mid-autumn together...

What we do, we light up and hang the tanglung around the yard and also light up the candle.

I like these traditional tanglung more...

This is the best i took, like it so much...

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Potluck with Friend

Alright, long time not updates here... So, let's report something happen last weekend here.

Last weekend we have a potluck at Caryn's house, and this time, I am in-charge of some refreshing salad. We start at 5pm, but because Mic and me also have second appointment after that, we left about 7pm. Everytime we have a few new dishes, this time also the same. I like this kind of event actually, coz everyone will bring something they made.

We are happily chit chat and dicussing about the recipe, and i am so enjoyed the time with them.

Ai Yin's Beef Rendang

Sat Moy's Fried Macaroni

Hung Mei's Konyaku

Ai Yin's 'Bak Chuk' Prawn

This one very cute, Kar Yi's cake.
Caryn's Sardin Pie, the dough is nice.
The lastest to come, but is very special and nice.
This is Jennifer's fried chicken, really nice.
My Refreshing Veggie Salad, it's just very simple. Pour in lime juice to make it refreshing. We have some sunflower seed and dried cranberries add into it too.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

超級星光大道 - 總決賽

我看了總決賽, 真的很驚訝, 他們是那麼的有能力有實力的一群年輕人, 唱歌都唱到你心裡面去了...

林宥嘉大膽的唱了冷門的 Radio Head 的歌, Creep. 雖然我也沒怎麼聽過, 不過他的表演方式, 真的讓人目不轉睛. 雖然原唱或許更好, 可是他用他自己的風格表達, 技巧有了, 加上他整個人都很迷幻, 覺得他真的很棒! 喜歡他說要選这些歌的理由, 就是因為歌好聽, 想要讓更多人聽到, 很有想法的年輕人. 實至名歸啊, 唱陳奕迅的Last Order就真的像一個精采的表演而不是比賽那麼簡單了, 把歌曲的意境都表達出來, 雖然我有點覺得他好像在游魂, 呵呵...

林宥嘉 - Creep

林宥嘉 - Last Order

周定緯, 果然是跳舞的高手, 或者說他真的是 Rain 的超級歌迷, 他的表演很 Rain. 無論是第一首的預感或第二首的Sad Tango, 簡直就是 Rain 上身, 不過他真的練得很好. 唱功呢, 也不錯啦, 他唱預感就是為了能夠表現自己的唱歌技巧吧! 他的確比潘裕文出色, 所以他打敗了潘裕文...

周定緯 - 預感

潘裕文, 我其實還蠻喜歡他的聲音, 很有味道, 很溫柔很有感情. 他們要說他是情歌王子, 我真的不反對, 他唱歌時候那個專注和感情的表達, 讓我很感動. 他選的歌曲也是蠻冷門的, 可以看得出他還真的是喜歡林志炫的歌曲. 這次唱了袁惟仁的"走了嗎"還有林志炫的"鳳凰花開的路口", "走了嗎"我覺得他唱得很好, 就這樣. 如果有興趣, 不妨去聽聽他和林志炫合唱的"離人", 搞到我現在很喜歡这首歌,哈!

潘裕文 - 走了嗎


Saturday, May 12, 2007


I want to go for holiday!!!!

I need holiday la...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lazy? Busy?

I just don't know i should call it busy or I am just lazy...Don't really updates here.

I think i prefer to write blog in chinese, so yahoo blog will have more frequent updates... hehe...

But, i will still drop by here.